Vorarlberg is blessed with a unique alpine world. We have recreated this special habitat by building a mountain range out of steel, with different stations bringing different secrets from our region‘s mountain world closer to us. For example, there is a 360 degree projection of the descent of an avalanche that will give you goosebumps, impressive views from a bird‘s eye perspective, interactive games, a climbing wall, live small animals, a live feed from Damüls seismographic station and much more.


Have you ever stood face to face with a real pack of wolves? inatura makes this possible. You can even touch our wolves and other large specimens. Or get on all fours and explore a badger set with your family. Giant models of insects show you the most species-rich group of animals from a whole new perspective. There are also living bees and ants, which give us an insight into how these residents of the area’s forests and meadows organize themselves.


Here you can dive into our region‘s rivers and lakes, without getting wet. A waterfall forms the entrance to this exciting interactive zone. Our underwater cinema takes you to the fascinating and unknown depths of Lake Constance. The “glass river” shows us, in an impressive way, the life that can be found in our flowing waters and a large aquarium shows us live examples of fish living in the Rhine and in Lake Constance. There are also specimens of local fish varieties, such as catfish and pike, that will astonish you.

Our bodies

inatura's newest interactive zone was designed to be an integral part of the museum. For the first time, it is possible to travel through the human body as a whole, enabling you to discover its wonders. Whilst travelling the journey of your food, along the way you can discover, step-by-step, the functions and relationships within your body. The functioning of the different organ systems and the consequences of our actions can be grasped, in the truest sense of the word. An exciting journey to discover anew about our own health and about the wonder of humankind.

Science zone

Nature and science are in direct relationship with each other. Therefore, along their journey through the interactive zones of the museum, our visitors will encounter several different “science zones”. These use interesting experiments to shine light on different areas of classic science and technology, enabling children too to grasp the links between technology and nature in an exciting way.