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inatura Gebirge
Relief Lebensraum Gebirge mit Besuchern, © Petra Raine
inatura Gebirge
Relief Lebensraum Gebirge mit Besuchern, © Petra Raine

Your visit

Your visit

Audioguide, shop, restaurant, informations and more

Your personal Museum AUDIOGUIDE

The free Hearonymus App turns your smartphone into a modern audio guide for the museum.

How it works:

1. Open Google Play Store or App Store and download "Hearonymus APP".

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2. Search for the keyword "inatura Erlebnis Naturschau".

3. Choose your preferred guide and download it.

4. Now you find all Guides under Menu Item "My Guides".

Shop, restaurant, information & more

In the entrance hall, you can find everything you need to make your stay at inatura complete:

  • inatura Café-Restaurant
  •  inatura museum shop
    Special inatura products, books, natural history souvenirs and technical gadgets
  • Cloakroom
    Leave your clothes and valuables here for free
  • Information
    We will gladly answer any questions you have about inatura!
  • Accessibility
    inatura is planned in such a way that all exhibition areas are accessible to people with walking aids or wheelchairs. There are three disabled parking spaces close to the entrance. At the till, a wheelchair is available for use, free of charge. There are two disabled toilets.

The museum you can touch

Nature, humans and technology. inatura museum in Dornbirn offers something for everyone, and does this in a particularly unusual way, because here touching is expressly encouraged. The main focus is on trying, playing, experienc- ing and understanding. The journey takes you through the different habitats that are characteristic of Vorarlberg: mountain, forest and water. In the final section of the museum, we go beyond the realms of possibility and in the truest sense of the word, go inside ourselves. inatura makes it possible to actually visit our bodies.

Interactive and multimedia presentations demonstrate the exciting links between the life and interactive zones and provide an insight into the wonder of nature, people and their technical achievements. A fascinating expe- rience. It is not surprising, therefore, that inatura is considered to be one of Europe‘s most modern natural history museums.

In addition to our permanent exhibits, in the gallery in the entrance area we offer our visitors regularly-changing, interesting special exhibits on varying topics. Come on in and take a look. A visit to inatura always has something new to offer.

Science Zone mit Besuchern
Science Zone mit Besuchern, © inatura

The diversity of inatura

inatura lies in the midst of Dornbirn’s new 25,000 square metre (270,000 sq. ft.) town park. The Sleeping Beauty Garden, beautiful trees from the four corners of the Earth and shady hideaways are ideal places for relaxation and recreation. inatura’s coffee shop offers culinary treats which are served outdoors in summer.

The former ‘Montagehalle’ (Assembly Hall) opposite inatura houses Dornbirn’s ‘Kunstraum’ (Art Space). The focus is on contemporary art in juxtaposition with nature. Kunstraum is a workplace for artists whose art centres on nature, its history and on the perception, science and research of nature. Most of the works are created on site.

Stadtgarten, © inatura
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